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What is Reliance Jio VoWiFi

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The telecom company Reliance Jio is prepare to Boom once more. Over the past few months Reliance Jio is testing VoWiFi  i.e. Voice Over Wi-Fi.
Assuming media reports, this services can be started soon. However, no official announcement has been made on behalf of the company. Just a few days ago, a user uploaded the screenshot screening of this service on social media.  According to media reports, testing of this service is being done in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala besides Madhya Pradesh. What is Reliance Jio VoWiFi

What is VoWiFi ?

VoWiFi i.e. Voice over Wi-Fi can be voice-calling through Wi-Fi. Through this feature, connectivity can be improved in the country. VoWiFi can also be called Complimentary of VoLTE. Through this technology, packet voice service is delivered via the Wi-Fi network via IP. Because of which VoLTE calls can be made either through Wi-Fi or LTE.

The advantage of VoWiFi is to get as much telecom operators and mobile industry as the consumer gets. Because of this technology, consumers can also call without a mobile network. Because of this, better connectivity can also be found in Indoor. Also it is SIM-based and safe too. Talking about the benefits of telecom operators with this technology, telecom operators get a chance to collect more revenue. This will allow users to take advantage of voice or video telephony.

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